Roller- Roller system

Today, it is not uncommon for businesses to use rollers, it is like a tool used to support and transport goods. The rollers also support the conveyor, the conveyor in the conveyor system so that the conveyor is not sagged and able to change the length of the conveyor.
Types of rollers are usually from:
- Stainless steel roller
- Galvanized rollers
- Rubber coated rollers
- Steel roller
Structure of rollers
- Currently, the roller on the market is very diverse in styles, fabrication materials, applications and uses ...
- The main material will depend on the load material or demand of the buyer.
 These types of rollers are often durable, simple structures, including bearings, roller covers, roller shafts, and a number of attached components. The roller is mounted on the shaft with a ball bearing, and the outer ring of the bearing is tightly attached to the roller, the inner ring of the bearing is attached to the shaft.
- The rollers mainly work on the outer surface, so its outer surface is machined with a certain roughness so as not to affect the working roller process.

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