1. What is conveyor?

Conveyor, also known as conveyor belt, is a highly innovative and economical transport device with the purpose of transporting materials and materials from one location to another. Instead of using human power at a high cost, time and productivity are far less effective. Knowing that difficulty, conveyors have been created and put into practice, now conveyors have been applied a lot in modern industrial life. Conveyor application in production has helped a lot of businesses save a lot of effort, time, as well as production costs.

2. So what will the conveyor cover?

- Main transmission, galvanized or aluminum steel roller. - Geared motors, speed control controllers, sensor inverters, timers, sensors, PLCs, etc. - Conveyor belt system, PVC, rollers of all kinds ... - Chain or chain drive units - Conveyor frame system is usually made of shaped aluminum, stainless steel or powder coated steel - There are also several other parts depending on the application of the conveyor.

3. Operation principle of conveyor belt
When the active roller rotates, the conveyor belt moves thanks to the friction between the roller and the belt. To create friction between the roller and the conveyor belt when the bucket belt is overlapped, we adjust the passive roller so that the tension belt stretches to create friction between the conveyor belt and the active roller friction force between the belt rope. load and rollers will make the conveyor belt in motion. When materials fall on the surface of the belt, it will be moved thanks to the conveyor movement
4. Classification of conveyors
There are many types of conveyors:
- PVC conveyor belt
- Rubber conveyor belts
- Roller conveyor
- Chain conveyor
- Stainless steel conveyor.
5. Conveyor manufacturer
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